#AdventBlog Post 9: Today’s Perfect Spanking

#AdventBlog Post 9: Today’s Perfect Spanking

Shamelessly stolen from Emma because she said I could.

Lately I’ve been fixating on the idea of a hard spanking. It’s been a long time since I got one, if I really ever did, and I want to know if it’ll be as good as it is in my head, and even if I can take it. The recent discussions on twitter haven’t exactly helped get it out of my head either. Thanks, friends. 🙂

She tells me I’m about to get a hard spanking (because I was surly, because I procrastinated, because I forgot about the computer project I was supposed to get done for the volunteer gig, it really doesn’t matter) and she wants me in the corner to wait for her to be ready. I nervously walk to the corner, place my nose against the wall, and wait for her. I try to stay still, but I squirm a little with anticipation of what is to come.

After several minutes, she tells me it is time and orders me to come to her. I slowly move to stand before her, apologizing and telling her I’m sorry for displeasing her. She informs me that she knows, but I need to learn a lesson and she has decided a long hard spanking over her lap is what I need and that it will hopefully help me remember the next time.

After positioning me across her knees, she slowly raises my skirt and exposes my panties, wrapping an arm around my waist to hold me in position. Her hand rubs gently over the material as she scolds me for being a fully grown adult who apparently needs to be reminded like a little girl how to behave. She says that she intends to warm my bottom thoroughly and will do this as often as it takes.

Her hand begins raining swats down over my panty covered bottom. Alternating cheeks, occasionally continuing the scolding. After several minutes, her fingers hook in my waistband and, despite my protests to not have my bottom bared, my panties are soon at my knees. She raises her hand to her shoulder and peppers my bottom with hard rapid swats. Moving between my cheeks and the junction where my thighs meet my bottom. She makes sure to spend time concentrating on that area so I will feel this spanking after it’s over.

After many minutes, she slows her spanking, and I wonder if she’s done. Feeling me relax, she quickly divests me of that notion, “oh, little girl, don’t think I’m done yet.”

Her hand lifts from my bottom and I soon feel a cool hard surface lightly caressing my cheeks. I wiggle slightly and she taps the object. “mmm, you’re gonna find out what this hairbrush feels like tonight. We’ll see if it helps your behavior.”

“Please, Midget. I’m sorry. Don’t…”

She’s obviously not in the mood to debate the issue, as I feel the hard wood crack against my bottom before I can finish my sentence. Gasping at the impact of the sturdy brush, I don’t have much time to think about it as she quickly covers my bottom with more swats. “Oh– Ahhh, Midget. I. OWWW. P-p-please.”

“shhh, little one. It’s supposed to hurt.”

I wiggle and squirm across her lap as she continues to spank me. She is being incredibly thorough, making sure my cheeks are both flaming hot, and my sit spot is well covered.

Eventually, the spanking slows, and is more drawn out and sensual, but she continues to cover me with hard strokes, reminding me that I’m loved, and well cared for. After I’m warn out, and exhausted, she sets the brush aside and pulls me into her arms. I melt against her and relax into her love.

Soon after, she strips me, puts me in my nightgown, and tucks me into bed beside her, where I fall asleep contentedly, in her arms.