#Adventblog Post 5: Oh Crappy day

#Adventblog Post 5: Oh Crappy day

With apologies to “Oh Happy Day”, it just sort of popped into my head as I was typing the title.

One would think that any day beginning with chick-filet fries and hot chocolate would not end with a bad mood, but one would be close to mistaken.

The day started out like many others. Zelda was leaving town, so Gamer drove us into work. As is tradition we stopped at chick-filet. Remembering what The Midget said, I figured I’d give their hot chocolate a try (we are compiling a ranked list of the best places to get it). It definitely is up there.

My team, with the exception of Jerkwad (having the social skills of a Rhinoceros and inability to somehow not figure out we do), almost always has an informal meeting first thing. This morning my boss decided Sheek would be taking her place at the big conference in January. I will admit to a mild amount of miftitude, but mostly because it took me three years to get to go and she’s been there three months. It is a good opportunity and hopefully she’ll learn something. I also got her to agree to float an idea I’m trying to shore up support for in the industry, so hopefully something will come of that. What really flipped my switch was the boss saying, “you’ll have to do a follow up [project], don’t pull a [Tiger].” To be truthful, I’m not sure if she was annoyed or just poking at me, because sometimes it’s hard to tell, but calling me out in front of another team member when you haven’t discussed the issue with me in months is probably a way to set me off. I also feel the project didn’t happen because she routinely rearranges my priorities to handle immediate projects at the cost of long-term goals slipping behind the back burner (a conversation we’ve had before). So I thought I’d offer Sheek a little advice, “don’t let your boss rearrange your priorities to the point where you don’t get it done.” Needless to say, the boss disagreed with that assessment. Before we could go any further with it, her meeting showed up and I went back to work. She seemed fine later, but I was feeling a little burned. I often feel like she gets annoyed at me for projects not being complete when I feel like I’m told to push them until later. Tribble told me I have to be more firm and call it out when it’s happening, and she’s probably right. TM listened to me rant on IM for a couple minutes. That all pretty much blew over, but the day still made an attempt at slapping me, quite literally.

I was putting a piece of equipment back into our lab, lying under the table running the power cable between the power strip and the drop hole. I’ve started setting the power bricks on top of the cable runners mounted under the tables and stashing the excess cord inside to keep it off the floor. Well, this time I didn’t have enough cord and the brick decided to fall… on my face. About 10 seconds after i stopped cursing, the boss walks in with, an as yet unbeknownst to me, meeting that I was to assist with. Two and a half hours later, I finished that up and went to lunch. I came back and finished putting the equipment back. Sliding my way out from under the table, I misjudged how far I was, popped up, and whacked the back of my head on the side. At this point I’ve pretty much figured Karma is telling me to go back to bed, so I do the next best thing and hide in my office for the rest of the day. We’ll just forget the fact that it was raining miserably and the bus took forever getting home, because, it’s December and that crap happens.

Gamer had tossed frozen pizza in the oven and run out to, “save my marriage,” (he had forgotten to take care of something Zelda needed done today) and asked me to take the pizza out of the oven. The appointed time came, and I dug around for the oven mitts. I found them, but realized they were of the thumbless variety, utterly confusing me. reaching into the oven expecting to find a pizza pan or a cookie sheet, I encounter the pizza directly on the rack. Okay, weird, but whatever. I’ll just slide it onto the cardboard… Good plan, but the pizza had other ideas. Somehow, it folded back on itself, and ended up in a shapeless pile of pizza gooh. for whatever reason, I got the other one off the bottom rack with little difficulty (clearly the mangled one now had my name on it). I took a bite and realized the thing was a bit doughy, not bad, but doughy. At this point, I’m kind of over the day and pretty much set off by all kinds of stupid things. I’m either annoyed or wanting to cry. It just was all hitting me wrong. I ranted at TM on IM about some pretty petty crap until she basically said I could rant all I wanted but she was going to read her book. At which point I switched into, “oh, okay, I’ve annoyed her. I should probably fix that” mode instead of the more appropriate “you’re being an irrational idiot, calm down and cuddle” mode. Thankfully she’s wonderful to me and talked me past the insecurities so I was able to get over the rest of it too, chalking it up to a stupid day that should just go far far away. Oh, and gamer said the pizzas were way undercooked. Ugh.

Later, after I finished cleaning the oven, I told TM I’m craving a spanking. I told her that had we been together and I been her I probably would have had me over her knee as soon as I started getting whiny and ranty. She said she actually would have done it this morning and been done with it. I was a bit surprised, but I’m guessing because of the snark factor with the boss. Also, guess that’s why it’s a good thing she is the one who gets to decide when I get one, not me. I’ve actually never had that, a spanking because of behavior. I’m curious if it would work. I have no real basis to know. She said I’ll find out some day though. 🙂

I’m very lucky. I’ve found a woman who is willing to explore with me, and figure out the things that make me tick, and make me me. I’m glad I get to do that for her too. I’m also wondering if all of the Adventbloggers are going to have a rant worthy day to help provide us material. 🙂