Adventblog Post 4: What I Did On My Thanksgiving Vacation, Part 2

Adventblog Post 4: What I Did On My Thanksgiving Vacation, Part 2

Often, when we’re apart, The Midget and I plan things we want to do when I’m back home. Go on a date, have a date night in where she cooks, clean the apartment, whatever. What really happens is these activities get pushed aside in favor of cuddling and just being with each other. One of the things that couldn’t get put off was getting TM a new phone. She’s been wanting a new shiny toy for a while, but it pretty much needed to be done Wednesday. Partly because her old phone was suffering from can’t-get-a-call-itis in the apartment, and mostly because the supply of this particular phone is in such short stock that they literally didn’t have one in town since the day I bought the last one in October. After stalking the store, we geared up and headed off for the trek to the butt-end of the middle of nowhere.

Now, I’m gonna be clear. Most of the time I don’t give a rat’s backside about being blind, but sometimes it’s a royal pain. Say, hypothetically, if neither of you has eaten because what was supposed to be precooked hamburger patties were questionably not and you didn’t expect you’d wander around the shopping center for forty-five minutes because people are unable to give directions and the place is more confusing than the ancient catacambs, but we’re only talking theory here people. It never happened

We did make it to the store, and several hundred gold coins later TM had a new Shiny. We also had one of the best sales reps I’ve ever dealt with. The guy was awesome. This was also the night we learned why our GPS is named after my abusive ex girlfriend. She sent us all over the place trying to find the burger oint we were going to have dinner at. Seriously, how is it possible, while walking in a continuous straight line, to be walking along 29th street, cross 29th street, then be coming up on 29th street? Unless a temporal vortex was hanging around, I don’t believe it is.

Speaking of food. Class, raise your hands if you’ve ever left thanksgiving dinner hungry.

Yes, honey, I know you did, I was there too.

We spent Thanksgiving with TM’s dad’s wife’s family. Their Thanksgiving and Christmas, actually. On the awkward scale, I’ve been through worse, they were at least welcoming and friendly. We were both quite perplexed though. Either they took more food than we did the first time around or they don’t eat. About the time we contemplated going back for seconds, it was time for dessert. Dessert which TM’s father messed up by not paying attention to her one request for a pie she would eat, “I was trying to decide which pies to get and decided the people who like apple could just deal.” Punk.

When we finally left, several hours after we were both past our comfort zone (the baby pictures of people we’d never met having been passed around) we decided an almost midnight trip to the Golden corinary was in order. When we walked over the Best Buy line was long, when we came back it was around the store. There may possibly have been some poking at an unnamed one of us for considering going to try and get a plazma TV for cheap, but we’re not going to talk about that temporary loss of higher brain power.

Instead, we went to the mall at 7AM. 7. A. M. On vacation! Crazy.

Actually it didn’t totally suck. We went with a friend and all got some good deals on things.

I spent the afternoon adding another thousand plus words, citations, and other crap to my final report for my writing class; TM spent it passed out on the couch next to me. I do love having her close. I miss it so when we’re apart. We’re both incredibly tactile, and just feeling her next to me while I work is incredible.

I also learned I’m apparently allowed to tell her to get in the kitchen and cook. Apparently it’s preferable to my blood sugar dropping to the point of being dizzy (I hadn’t eaten since the mall that morning and it was about 22:00). We both have a tendancy, her because she has weird hunger cycles and me because I zone into something else and don’t think about it, to forget to eat from time to time. I’d suggest disciplining each other for it, but I don’t really think it’ll work since we’re equally crappy about it.

Saturday we decided to have a friend over and do something we’d never done before… cook a turkey. We bought a small turkey, who we named Fred, and I said I’d call my grandma and ask her how to cook it. Her advice, “You’re a geek, google it.” Thanks Grandma.

The turkey turned out well, though carving it is not my strong point, I kind of just went caveman on poor Fred, but boy was he tasty.

Other lessons learned that night: One bottle of Moscado will fill two juice tumblers and a coffee cup; if I time it right, I can poke TM awake to answer a question before our friend notices she is asleep; and messing with the DVD player to get better sound will get you made fun of when it doesn’t work even if it’s not your fault.

When Sunday rolled around, I couldn’t believe how fast it had come. I didn’t want to leave, but my boss pretty much threatened to kill me if I extended another trip. I also noticed that we snapped at each other a little more. I don’t know if it was really because of what was happening, I had a little work to finish for school that hadn’t gotten done earlier and I think she was a bit perturbed about that, or if we were just both tense and sad because I was leaving, but it was definitely happening. One of these days, I’m going to go home for good. Sure, there’s gonna be snappage and skirmishes from time to time, but there won’t frequently be the tearing apart, realizing you’re going to not be waking up with the other one in your arms for a while. I wish that day to come soon please.

Anyone need a geek-of-all-trades for telework? 🙂