#Adventblog Post 18: Christmas for the Geeks

#Adventblog Post 18: Christmas for the Geeks

Sure, you’ve got your traditional Christmas carols, holiday hymns, Festivous Follies, but what about those of us who are lovers of sci-fi and other things nerd? Well, there are definitely some songs for us.

Luke Ski has done three versions of his “It’s a Fanboy Christmas”. These are medlys of christmas songs about things like Firefly, Star Trek, Santa (to the tune of Bad Horse), Packman, and much more.

Part 1 (2000)

Part IIa (2007)

Part IIb (2007)

Part III can be played at the FUnny Music Project.

What collection of my favorite geek ditties would be complete without Jonathan Coulton? Chiron Beta Prime tells us the story of Christmas… in a world ruled by the Robot Counsil. Cuz, who wouldn’t want to live there?

Got a favorite geeky, novelty or “different” holiday song? Tell me about it in the comments.