Adventblog Day 2: Back From Vacation, and It Didn’t Take a Month To Write about it

Adventblog Day 2: Back From Vacation, and It Didn’t Take a Month To Write about it

I’m finally winding down from catching up after a week and a half of running around.

The week before Thanksgiving I was in Denver attending a conference for work at which I had to give a presentation. I knew it was a bad sign when my co presenter suggested a three to four hour conference call to plan a one hour presentation. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m usually for logical planning of things, but when I’ve given my part of the presentation at least a dozen times and, according to my boss could give it in my sleep (good thing she doesn’t know I often do), three hours is about two hours and fifty-five minutes of overkill. Fortunately for my sanity we only spent half an hour planning. So, how many people came to our session? If you had 2 in the pool, you just won yourself a lifetime supply of my snark. Despite that, the conference was quite good. I learned a few things, had a great mexican (yes, I say this even though I’m nearing burnout as Zelda and Gamer subject me to it with insane regularity) meal with colleagues, and the best Italian meal I have ever had with a company who is trying to recruit me by sending me to another.

Thanks to an incredibly good flight deal I was able to make plans to go home1 to see The Midget for Thanksgiving. I got there around 6:30 in the evening. At one point we had talked about going out to get her an iPhone, but we realized that was unlikely, unless we refused to hug, kiss, or really in any way acknowledge the other’s presence in any way when I dropped off my gear. considering that was a stupid and unlikely option, we stayed in :).

The next day we had to go to a meeting. Which, other than finding about a possible upcoming job (which I didn’t actually realize was something I was interested in until the next day because I wasn’t paying that much attention) provided us with a fare amount of boredom. We skipped out at lunch and went to Five Guys. Mmm, Five Guys. Then, we froze.

The temperature, which was supposed to be in the fifties, was actually hovering around 30. Neither of us was prepared for it and because our driver dropped us off at the wrong complex, we had to walk a fare amount to get home. We got home, cuddled, and crashed out.

However, someone had, because she decided to listen to a football game during the meeting, earned herself a spanking. I followed up on my promise to give her a long hand spanking, and gave her the choice of having it end with my belt or her hairbrush2. She chose the belt, and after several minutes of hand spanking over her panties, and her bare bottom, I gave her 17strokes as she lay over my lap. Man, her bottom was warm after all that. I’m still not sure how she felt about it all, I think she wasn’t entirely sure either, but she did say she didn’t hate it. I know she’s enjoyed hand spankings before, and quite honestly I’m still pretty inexperienced, so we’re doing a lot of figuring out together. Thank goodness, cuz there’s no one I’d rather figure it out with.

Sunday was mostly spent hanging around, cuddling, and just being with each other. We did run out at one point to retrieve a piece of recording equipment, so TM and her sister could work on a project, and pick up groceries, but it was a pretty relaxing day.

TM’s not the only one who earned herself a spanking. Her sister was over Monday, and was exhibiting the classic definition of Squirrel which caused me to get a bit snarky with her. Though, I would like to point out I was not the only one, and she didn’t even notice. Clearly that mattered not, because that evening I found myself being stripped out of my turtle neck, skirt and tights and going over TM’s lap for my own hand spanking. Not like my panties were covering that much, but hse took them down anyway and finished warming my bottom. mmm.

She had class Tuesday morning which meant that i had time to do more work on my stupid final paper for one of my classes. After that, we spent some time with friends of hers visiting from out of town, and I found out that the voice command in a Dodge Durando actually responds to me.

I’ll wrap up the rest of the week in another post, but you have getting lost, a blended holiday with a blended family, leaving Thanksgiving hungry, black Friday shopping, and me, helping to cook a turkey, to look forward to.

  1. In the “is where the heart is” sense. Where she is is my true home. 

  2. I still need to purchase a good wooden one. Her’s, while packing a fair sting, is plastic.