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Catching UP

Catching UP

Um. So. Hi.

It’s been a little bit since I’ve written. The Midget has been scolding me for it so, lest she decide it’s time for a trip

over her knee, I guess I should update. (er, wait, maybe I shouldn’t. Hmmm, choices, choices. Hey, honey, just cuz it’s done

doesn’t mean it wasn’t late, right? So… grin).

I’ll just skip the few weeks in between The Midget’s last visit and her moving out here for the summer. Because, honestly, it

was kind of dull an rutine, and full of a little meh for good measure. The highlights were definitely continuing to talk on

IM to TM and phone calls when we could. Oh, and finally gettting the defibulator for work.

TM flew out here for her summer job the second week of June. I didn’t really think I’d see her until the weekend, but they

were running errnads and she stopped in at my office to give me back my audio mixer and deliver several much-needed, always-

appreciated, hugs.

I spent the following Saturday running around taking care of a couple of things (and having a rather painful run-in with a

fire hydrant, stupid skateboarder, that left me with a bruise still tender to palpation). i had originall opted to blow off

dinner with the spouse, since the two people she was going with were not ones I wanted to spend time wiht. However, somehow,

plans changed and two groups became one amebic one and, owing in large part to Tm telling me she was going to be there, I

opted to go. I ‘met up” with her and Sheek on the light rail (sort of, I was on the same train) and we got to the restaurant

together, and, horror of all horrors, had to sit together. 😀

Sunday, I headed up to the University where the summer program is being run and helped Sheek with a few technology questions.

I also took them a wifi router so everyone didn’t have to be hard wired to check e-mail.

I ended up staying for a while, because it took a while to get there, then it was raining, and finally the Spouse texted and

said dinner was messed up so I should just stay up there. I wasn’t really broken about it.

I had quite a fun day. We ended up spending a lot of time hanging out, cuddling, and I got the chance to know Sheek a little

better. fortunately, I like her, cuz she’s one of TM’s best friends and that would have been awkward if I didn’t.

TM and I also got in some quality time talking, holding hands, and snuggling together. She alwas makes me smile, and makes my

heart feel much better. No, Serenity, I didn’t get any swats in… that came Wednesday. 😉

Monday was a dull day at work. Tuesday I had to go out of town for a uick trip. Wednesday morning, the Spouse left for her

family’s at 4:30 in the morning, which meant I had to carry her luggage out, and I never got back to sleep.

My plan was to head from work and catch an express bus to the University, and spend the evening with TM. Plans changed

slightly when Scarlet, TM’s boss, decided the whole crew was going to dinner. The place they were going required me to catch

a different bus, and since the busses in this town frequently suck, one wasn’t coming fast enough for my liking Turns out, I

could have caught my express and met them at the U, since they pulled into the parking lot 30 seconds ahead of the cab I

eventually flagged down. Which was fine, I was more worried I’d miss dinner.

We got back to campus and I helped rearrange the apartment that houses TM’s bedfice, the computer lab, and one of the

training kitchens. Whoever moved stuff the first time was clearly not atuned to the mind of a woman. They set the computer

space up in the room with the attached bath and tub. The bedfice was set up in the bedroom where the bath room, with only a

shower, was off the hall.

TM was incredibly stresses that day, because they had to let a staffer go, and I spent a good amount of time with her and

Sheek, all of us trying to calm and reassure the others over our various fears and worries. We had been listening to a

playlist TM put together the night she packed to come out, and at one point I pulled her in for a slow dance (which, she’s

doing something to me, cuz that’s never a thing I used to initiate on my own). We pulled Sheek into it too, so she wouldn’t

be left out, and spent a long time dancing and holding each other.

We finally moved to the couch and just relaxed for a while. I pulled TM onto my lap at one point, because I wanted to hold

her close and remind her she was loved and not alone. It feels beyond right having her in my arms. I ended up staying until

about 01:00 when I headed back to the city.

Saturday, we all had a meeting at my office and a few of us went out for lunch… to a place I will never willingly go again.

TM and I split an appetizer and an entre, which was good, cuz no way would either one of us have finished the mushy, dry,

bland concocktion of el crapitudeo on our own.

We ended up deciding that TM, sheek, and I splitting a cab would get us to the U faster, and be only marginally more

expensive than taking the train, so we did. We hit the apartments and curled up for a 2 hour nap, broken only by TM or Sheek

having to change laundry. I’m not sure what it is, but I’ve never slept as well as when I’m holding TM, or when she’s holding

me. Honestly, most of the time I stay up until my eyes won’t stay oepn any longer, and then I try to crash. But, with her, I

actually managed to sleep without even needing to read a book while I tried to drift off. That may not always work, but even

when i’ve been watching TV wiht her, I can fall asleep quite quickly in her arms.

We ordered pizza and then started getting things ready for the impending arrival of the brood. I helped pack goodie ags,

repeatedly forgetting to put the Purell in, and fought with a printer in the computer lab, eventually conceding to it… or

rather giving up because it was late and it annoyed me.

As usual, we had music on, and somewhere along the way someone decided I needed to learn the Cupid Shuffle. So, TM taught me.

I get all blushy and self conscious when I do that stuff, because I think I have no tallent, but it was still fun.

Sheek took off for bed somewhere around midnight and TM and I curled up for some more cuddle time. I also brought her a DVD

of Wishbone I Netflixed and we watched that for a little while… though we both completely slept through most of it. I thnk

it was 03:30 or something before I actually left.

Spent Sunday doing homework, laundry, and packing for my trip to Gopherville.

Thus beginith week one of the Trip to Hell. I had to travel to Gopherville to do some follow up work on a project that’s been

going on for several years. Unfortunately, it isn’t going well, and midweek, per my boss’ instructions, I had to be the bad

cop. I don’t like being the bad cop. Roleplay is another story, cuz then it’s for her own good smile, but in real life

though, it makes me sick to let the volcano erupt. As in, I nearly went to the bathroom and threw up after the meeting in

question, and again when my contact at the remote agency confirmed everyone in the room, “hate[s] you”.

Monday was also a might unpleasant. Some of you may have seen my Twitter post about breaking a heart to protect mine. I told

the spouse that I didn’t love her, and I didn’t want to be married to her anymore. She is wholeheartedly convinced it’s just

a phase and that she can love me enough to change my heart, but… it’s not going to happen. I’ve been hiding “me” for too

long. Fortunately not from myself, cuz I have a pretty good idea in my head who I am, but from most of the rest of the world.

I was so glad to get out of there Thursday and head home.

Despite working 11 plus hour days, I was told to report to the office Friday. I ran around putting out fires all day. Thank

goodness, cuz I was fried, and that kind of thing I actually like.

Friday night I went back up to Campus. I had a couple of packages to drop off with TM and Sheek, and just plain wanted to

spend time with TM. I met much of the brood, and they fed me. Seem like mostly a good bunch of kids. Hung out again until

extremely early Saturday morning and went home for a few hours of sleep.

I had an annual “drill” event with the emergency management agency I volunteer for Saturday. It was a 24 hour event, but I

had committed to working a little over 12 hours of it. The plan for Sunday was that I was going ot help TM cook the brood a

dinner, where they would get the opportunity to practice in a formal setting, something most of these kids haven’t

experienced before.

I headed to the U straight from the firehouse early in the morning. That way, we didn’t break the rule about “overnight”

guests. (we just kind of walked on it). TM made me eggs and sausage because I hadn’t had dinner, and we split a plate before

crashing. Once again, I slept well and hard with her in my arms. She also repeatedly told me that Rachel was pretty (I had

brought a nightgown to sleep in).

The next morning, we got up, got dressed, and took another nap. Scarlet showed up with groceries for the meal around 11:00,

and brought back lunch a little while later.

The kids weren’t the only ones who learned something this day. Believe it or not, I had never made mashed potatoes that

didn’t come from a box. Well, I can safely say I have now. Because everything else was taking a while, I incubated those

spuds for hours. TM just kept repeating, “more milk, butter, and sour cream.” (Always something you want to tell a semi-

lactose intollerant person. grin)

The meal went off incredibly well. The kids enjoyed themselves and seemed to learn a lot. TM learned to carry two plates in

one arm, and I Washed a lot of dishes. Fortunately, not as many as I could have, because Scarlet rented the majority of the

formalwear and it didn’t have to be clean when returned. I was a little bumbed that I didn’t have a tuxedo t-shirt. I think

it would have been pretty amusing.

Because we were doing the behind the scenes work, and there was a staff meeting at 22:30, TM and I didn’t get to eat until

after 23:00. At that point, because it was late, and I was feeling stressed because of work and texts and calls from the

spouse I didn’t want to deal with, I barely ate our meal. TM cut off some chicken and said I had to eat at least that much,

and I got it down. She also continued feeding me the Airborn coctails she’d started making me drink Friday night. I can’t

believe I’m saying it, but I think it’s actually helping. The cold appears to be staying at bay. Still tastes like crap


I headed home about 01:00 with the intention of packing for my return trip to Gopherville and catching a quick nap before

leaving for the airport at 05:00. Men plan, God laughs.

Turned on the dryer to fluff the dress shirts I had washed the previous day, set the alarm for 4, and laid down on the couch

to read. Woke up at three, decided I’d pack and go back to sleep. In packing, I realized that a bottle of body wash had

spilled in my backpack. Freaking mess. By the time I got the bag, and the stuff inside it relatively cleaned off, it was

04:00. Took a quick shower and headed for the airport. Slept on the plane, but felt quite zomby like all day.

The second week wasn’t quite so bad, but things are heating up for this project and I’m not sure it’ll all end well. It kind

of makes me hate my job. Especially since everyone at the Mothership is pleased with what I did and says I’ll be doing more

of it.

TM has been my support and strength throughout all of this. Her text mesages and our phone calls always pull me together and

center me. I love her so much.

I’m on a plane flying home now. I have tomorrow off, because I have a paper do Sunday and I’ve… done none of it. Tomorrow

night though, TM, a friend, and I are going shopping for Rachel. I’m quite looking forward to it.

Since this blog is theoretically about kink too. I will point out that I did have the opportunity to give TM a couple of

quick spankings last weekend. All over her skirt, and relatively fast, but she didn’t tell me to stop, and I at least got a

little confirmation that she was into it, so that’s a good sign. She keeps threatening me with a returned favor, but she’s

all talk. smile

We’re hopefully landing soon. SO I’ll get this posted. I’d promise I’ll try to write more regularly, but we’ve all seen how

well that works out. I proably left some stuff out, and I’m sorry for that. Especially things about how TM makes me feel, and

how much fun I have being around her.

Thanks for reading.