You Really Can’t Make This Stuff Up

You Really Can’t Make This Stuff Up

The building I work in takes up an entire city block and with the edition of a new section now includes a two level parking garage. The garage was built around the loading dock of the original building such that if you pull in the old dock entrance and keep going, you will encounter the passenger vehicle entrance. However, before you do, there is a drop-off of approximately three to four feet. This drop-off includes two hydraulic lifts for elevating cargo onto the dock.

I had two people coming in for a meeting this morning. As person one and I are standing in the lobby, waiting for person two, the radio at the desk goes off at the same time person one’s mobile rings:

Radio: Base, Facilities 4.
Operator: Base
F4: Notify Facilities 1, Building Operations, and the In-Charge Executive, we’ve got a vehicle accident at the loading dock.
O: Copy. Advise status. Do you need an ambulance?
F4: Negative. She’s out, but her car is half off the dock, half on the end of the ramp.

P1: You did what? … You’re where? … Are you okay? … Hold on [hands me the phone]
Me: Hello?
P2: I couldn’t find your garage so I came around to the side, I saw cars, so I kept going…I fell off the ramp.
Me: Don’t move. We’re coming to find you.

As it turns out, she managed to squeeze her car between the two buildings and drop the front end off the lift’s ramp (which was raised at the time).

Fortunately she was okay and AAA lifted her car back up. I’ve gotta admit, my dark sense of humor was finding it hard to not laugh about it in front of her, because we can’t think of any instance where this has ever happened before here.

ETA: I originally said 12-18 inches, but I have since been corrected. I have no ability to estimate sizes of anything.