What I Did Last Summer

What I Did Last Summer

Okay, not really, but it seemed appropriate since I’m starting this around back to school time.

I suppose all blogs should start with some sort of introductory post. After all, you’re probably wondering such things as: Who’s the author?; what’s this blog going to talk about?; and why on earth would I want to read it? In reverse order. Because it’s better than housework; nothing and everything; and if I only knew.

The voices in my head, and likely yours, are saying that I’m going to have to do better if I want to keep you from stomping your finger on the back button like it’s your gas peddal and the light just turned green on your commute home from work.

Let’s start with a little about who I am. I’m married to a fantastic woman, who sadly has about a five percent interest in kink related issues (she doesn’t understand many of my interests and thinks 10 light swats with my hand is a spanking [I’m not totally giving up on her yet ;-)]). I’ve had an interest in crossdressing and bondage for as long as I can remember*. I very much enjoy giving and receiving spankings, mostly with accompanying roleplay, but the domestic discipline side of things is intreiguing too. Right now my “play” is mostly confined to online chatting. I identify as a switch and have no sexual interest in men, but in the right scenario might be okay with being punished by one.

Why write a blog? Well, I feel like I need an outlet for some of the things in my life I don’t know how to share with those who live in close proximity to me. Not always kink related, but occasionally thoughts, feelings, and ponderings I don’t know how to express. Yes, it is possibly my male inability to communicate in some cases, but in others, it’s a fear of rejection and the knowledge that I’m not ready for some of the thoughts in my head to be shared with the people who currently read my “vanilla” blog.

SO, I plan to write here about my spanking interests, any real-life encounters I actually have, occasional crossdressing, and start writing some spanking fiction again**.

Hopefully what I write will be somewhat interesting and not completely lame. Please feel free to comment (I will likely set comments to be moderated unless you have a previously approved comment to avoid spammy stuff that somehow always gets through). Oh, and I’m sure the default theme is U-G-L-Y, so if anyone wants to pop into the WordPress theme gallery and offer a suggestion, it would make me smile.

  • More about that in time, I can’t give everything away in the first post ** I’ve written a few pieces, but the only person who’s read them is a former girlfriend and they need some serious revisions. The kind that start with a blow torch an end with a heaping pile of ashes from wence forth shall rise the Phoenix.