Hacking Kink

Hacking Kink

back in the days of yore, the the internet was still in its toddler stage, when we didn’t have the world at our fingertips, devices in our pockets and purses with more computing power than the Apollo spacecraft, kink was nevertheless present on the burgeoning world wide web. I recall coming across a story by Dark One called Hired Help. It’s a fifty-one chapter piece about a woman hired by a man with seemingly endless financial resources, a passion for latex outfits, corsets, and high heels, and an endless creativity for diabolical bondage devices. The original site doesn’t have the file anymore, so you get the archive.org copy.

In the story, the relationship between the two main characters, Richard and Jennifer, progresses from that of employer/employee to that of married partners (with a distinctive D/s twist). This work isn’t necessarily a masterpiece of fiction, nor is it as cringe worthy as a certain work that’s been all the rage, or depending on who you are causing said rage lately. It was one of the first long stories I read that intrigued me because it involved BDSM without some of the elements of degradation that seemed quite present in some of the pieces I came across. As I recall the story, their was genuine love in their relationship. The actual story, however, isn’t really the point of this post.

In the story Richard has his company create some electronic devices that are used to sexually stimulate, tease, and train endurance. As an example, Jennifer’s alarm clock consists of a control box in the headboard of her bed. A cable plugs into her chastity belt, and her wrist cuffs plug into the control unit. Once all pieces are connected, vibrators in her chastity belt stimulate her for a certain amount of time, and she is stimulated periodically throughout the night, and finally stimulated before the wake up time when her cuffs are released from the headboard automatically. Her wake-up time, and a minimum amount of time she must be stimulated are pre-programmed for her, but she has the ability to set the initial period of stimulation, the number of times during the night she will be stimulated, how long those stimulation periods will last, and how many minutes before her wake-up time her vibrators will be engaged. Richard, in another scene, has her encased in latex from neck to foot (a latex dress with hobble skirt, latex stockings, gloves and a corset), She is laid on a lounge chair, hands bound behind her. Another stimulation control box is connected to her chastity belt. The unit is programmed to stimulate her for fifty minutes. This time, she has a button that will stop the vibrations for ten minutes, but using it will add twenty minutes to the amount of time she spends in bondage. The setup is not only to entertain Richard, but also intended for her to learn endurance and how to handle repeated orgasms.

Younger me found these concepts completely hot. Who wouldn’t enjoy being bound to the bed, stimulated before sleep, teased during the night, and waking up like that? Oh, let’s be honest, older me still finds the idea hot. We’re disregarding whether this is practical, and the fact that the resulting sleep might not be considered restful for a moment.

The other night I was reading about Smart Things, a new hub for home control and automation. You can do a number of things with this hub (automate the lights and your heating/cooling system based on presence information or activation of motion, sensors, receive alerts if someone is in a certain area of your home, opens a certain door/drawer, get notified if moisture is detected, tie cloud based services into your home automation system, etc). The system also has the ability to interact with the Arduino family of micro controllers. Arduino is basically a platform for building electronic devices that you can design, assemble, and program without being an electrical engineer or computer scientist.

combining my recollection of Hired Help and my reading about the Arduino and home automation has got me wondering about hacking some of these types of devices together to bring kink fantasy into reality.

Yes, we’ve already got the Little Rooster, but that doesn’t have quite the same bondage aspect to it. Plus, who wouldn’t want to make the lights in the room flash every time your sub has an orgasm? Or build a vibrator that would engage for a certain amount of time if it sensed no moisture? Put your little in a timeout while you’re making dinner, concerned they won’t stay put? A motion sensor plus LED light bulbs and if your little moves, the lights go from normal to red and so does your little’s bottom. πŸ˜‰ There’s also some fun possibilities for long-distance relationships and d/s play.

I also saw someone post a thing about wanting to make clothing that changes color with the music you’re listening to. Something I think you could also do with an Arduino. Set up enough LEDs on “the dress” and it doesn’t matter if you see it as blue/black or white/gold, it can be all of those things.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I think there’s an intersection of kink and home built toys you could have some fun with. So, I can program, who’s gonna help build the devices? πŸ™‚ I love living in the future.