#Adventblog Post 20: Headhunted

#Adventblog Post 20: Headhunted

Yes, the title evokes images of Lord of the Flies for me too.

It’s starting to feel like something I’ve been hoping for may actually come true. I’ve been looking for a way to move to be with The Midget, but didn’t want to do it without a job lined up, and the possibility of working remotely in my current position is a very unlikely one.

I’ve applied for a number of positions there in related fields to the one I’m in now, but despite two interviews nothing has come through. Two weeks ago I stumbled on a position for a company I’m familiar with and who has a strong program in my field. Last weekend, when I finally finished my coursework for the semester I tried pulling up the job posting again to take a closer look. Horror of horrors, the link was no longer valid. Fearing they had possibly closed the post, I contacted an employee of a consultant they use and asked her to ask the internal contact about it (yes, it’s convoluted, but it all boils down to the internal contact not following me on Twitter yet and I not having her e-mail address). To make what’s turning into a really dull story short, I got in touch with the internal contact who said she’d follow up and find out why the link was broken. A couple hours later I got an e-mail from the HR recruiter asking me for a resume. The next day the recruiter called and said I’d be getting a call from the placement agency. That night I had to figure out how much money I wanted to ask for (as an aside, I hate that, I have no idea what I’m worth, I just do my thing and take in money for it). Apparently it was acceptable though, since the agency put me in. I got a call Wednesday evening from the internal recruiter telling me to expect a call from the hiring manager to schedule an interview. She basically said that unless I blow the phone interview the gig is mine.

It’s not a done deal, I have a couple questions about the future of the position (it’s currently being offered as a twelve month contract), but I’ve got a prospect with another consulting firm who needed me to be away from my current employer for a while before they could hire me, so I have options if this doesn’t go longer. The best part about the potential gig is that it’s 100 percent remote so I can move home.

I’m really hoping this comes through. I miss TM fiercely. I hate not holding her in my arms every night. I hate not waking up in hers. I don’t like it when my best friend is sick and I’m too far away to do anything. I don’t like that she’s anticipating a double plus unfun Christmas because he family and stepmom are all borderline crazy and I can’t hug her. I really just can’t wait to be home.

Here’s hoping I don’t blow the interview :).