#Adventblog Post 15: I’m Done!

#Adventblog Post 15: I’m Done!

I just submitted my final project of the semester for my C# class. Happy me!

This wraps up my second year of doing school part time, taking two classes each semester. This way, with Spring, summer, and fall terms, I am getting in six courses a year. I started with 37 credits that transferred from my first attempt at college and I’m now just over 60. At this rate, I’ve got about three more years to go and I’ll have that little piece of paper that says I know things. Apparently people like that. 🙂

While there are times I wonder if this would have been easier the first time around, had I not failed out spectacularly, I know for a fact I’m a more dedicated student. My grades are certainly better. I’ve learned a thing or two along the way too, which is, I suppose, the point of the thing.

The important thing is, I’M DONE!! For a couple weeks anyway.

Follow up to the post on search engine terms. The Midget and I were discussing the fact that poor Elizabeth has a lot of people wanting to spank her. I wondered how many times variants of that appeared if I pulled the entire search history for the blog. I did, and it was over 25, but here’s the more important thing: we found the creepiest, to us, search engine term ever:

“what are some kinky things i can do to my older sister at home?” This appeared, not once, not twice, but three times. I’m hoping it was the same person. Look, I’m all for you having your own kinks and whatever, but SQUICK. i’m also hoping someone severely misunderstands the definition of the word kink.