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Sad, Neglected Blog

Sad, Neglected Blog

I realized last night, after it was pointed out to me that people didn’t know The Midget was no longer in relatively close proximity to me, that I kind of haven’t written in a while.


A little over two weeks ago, the Midget’s summer program wrapped up. She hung out for a few days to get some reports done. The plan was for her, sheek, and me to fly back home together, go to a concert at a state fair, and then I’d come home on Tuesday.

Sheek’s been job hunting lately, and my team has an opening. so during that week I put her and my boss together,and we’ve got another team mate. This is unfortunately very sad news for TM, because one of her best friends is moving away, but kind of happy news for me in the sense that I’ll feel less guilty when I leave. (I have no specific plans, but I’m looking.)

We flew out Friday morning, and I spent at least half of one flight curled against TM, sleeping. Watch carefully kids, this becomes a recurring theme.

After lunch with Sheek’s mom TM and I ended up at her parents’ house for the night. I met her stepmom and her dog. Who apparently loves me. Her dad got home a little later, and I would once again like to thank TM and her stepmom for slipping off to find TM a sweater, leaving me alone with the father. He has no idea how I feel about his daughter, but that didn’t matter. I was squirming.

I met a bunch of TM’s people that night at a gig. They were all super nice, and pretty welcoming. One of them even made fun of me during a song. 🙂 Apparently though, if I’m eventually going to join the ranks of the band widdows, I’m gonna have to learn to dance. Or down more of the super cheap frozen margaritas and forget I don’t know how.

Saturday was both the anniversary of TM’s mother’s death, and my wedding. We both decided we’d kind of like to just hide out somewhere, eat ice cream, and forget that date, but it wasn’t to be. We ended up spending several fun hours with a close friend of TM’s trying to find the cemetary in almost literally the middle of nowhere. After a brief stop, we made our way back to TM’s place.

She hadn’t been home in 8 weeks, so grocery shopping was definitely in order. On the way we stopped at a chicken place. Y’all? Best. Chicken. Tenders. Ever. I’m hooked.

We crashed out for a few hours before meeting up with Sheek and catching our 4:20 AM bus to the fair. Sitting in the parking lot of the bus station, we realized that TM never proofed my final assignment for one of my classes, and I never uploaded it. Between two geeks, and one Geek Ajacent, no one brought a laptop. We all figured we had two iphones, who needed a computer for a 28 hour trip? Whoops.

We got to town, and called the hotel to find out if, by any chance, they had our room ready early. We all wanted a brief nap before we hit the fare. Sadly, they did not, but they did have a business center, and a free shuttle. I’ll resist my usual temptation to explain technical things, and shorten the story to say that the software I use to make the computer talk kept crashing and I was unable to accomplish my task at the hotel. We went out and found awesome breakfast, in the form of omlets, and tracked down a friend who got me access to a functional computer. By the time we made it back to the hotel, our room was ready. The three of us curled up and passed out.

About twenty minutes into our nap, we’re jolted awake by the annoyingly loud sound of the Big Bang Theory theme song coming from my phone. It’s overpriced ticket vendor calling to say that our concert has been postponed.

Really? Really? Seriously? Neough1!

They did cancel the show for completely legitimate reasons, and the tragedy was horrible, it was just annoying that we’d all kind of come a long way for it and it wouldn’t happen.

We passed out for a few more hours, and eventually headed out to the fair. A bucket O cookies, a plate of ribbon fries, several midway rides, several more fair food stuffs, and a strrawberry smoothie later, we headed back to the hotel and passed out. Until 5AM when it was time to head back home.

Much of Monday was spent passed out on TM’s futon. Though, because she reminded me she could, Rachel got to come out.

We were still hopeful that the concert would be rescheduled, so I made the decision to spend the rest of the week out there, and do the work I could remotely. My boss was amicable, so I changed my flight. TM and I were both pretty excited that I would get to stay until Sunday now. Neither one of us was ready for me to go home Tuesday.

We spent the majority of the week sleeping, cuddling, reading together, and watching The Big Bang Theory, Law and order SVU, and the Guild. Though, really, it was mostly sleeping and cuddling, cuz we had to rewatch many of the episodes on the DVDs. 🙂

I’ve never actually figured out quite why, but I don’t sleep as well as when TM’s in my arms, or I’m in hers. I haven’t slept very well for the past six months, but honestly it’s been longer than that since I’ve gotten any kind of reasonable amount of sleep regularly. But when I’m with her, I can relax and actually drift off, and I don’t always need a book in my ear to do it either. Between her exhaustion from running the summer gig, and mine from, just being me I guess, it was small wonder that we were as unconscious as we were.

We did emerge from time to time. Sheek came over Tuesday nad we had a nice dinner of spaghetti. We went downtown Thursday and had lunch, before going out to a park by Sheek’s place and swinging for a while. TM and I hit a store and bought me a new nightgown (we’re eventually planning to burn the one I “liberated” from the Spouse), and some boy jeans that actually fit (take that, 30 pounds I vanished).

Saturday we had a meeting, lunch, and a baseball game, which were all quite enjoyable. Though my stomach was in rebellion. Stupid lactose intolerance. Also, the next time I pay $6 for a margarita, I would like it to have a non zero amount of taquila in it.

Saturday was also the day I officially confirmed TM’s a spanko. :D. I’ll spare you the details because this post is already long enough, and you really don’t want to read them anyway. Right?. ;P

Sadly, I couldn’t ignore reality any longer and had to go home Sunday morning. Though, had I not been in a shared van, her imitation of Rory Gilmore2 may just have been enough to get me to try.

There’s likely at least another post I want to write about the week, but I wanted to put something out, and catch my 3 readers up on where I’ve been lately. 🙂

  1. I mistyped “enough” once, and it happened to fit the conversation. We’ve coined it as a retro way of “ugh” that has extra, “kill me now” factor. 

  2. the “come back” page she sent Lorelae in, “The Lorelae’s First Day at Yale.”